Q & A: Internetjock Cyd

What brought you to do voice overs?

A career on the stage led to full time employment in radio for 25 years. But my heart has always been in acting. Voiceover blends the best of both worlds


Anyone in the voice over industry that has inspired you? Explain what it is about them.

Robin Williams (bless his soul) he defies explanation!


How do you take care of your voice? Any type of warm ups?

I'm a trained actress, so I always try to use my voice correctly. Part of that is refusing to scream, whether in life or for a part. I don't do formal exercises or  warm ups but I am gentle in the morning. I do pull my tongue though. Everyone thinks it's an inside voice over joke, but think about it, the tongue is a muscle

and tightens up throughout the day. All you do is take a paper towel or cloth (I've been know to use my shirt tails) and grab hold and pull gently for as long as you can stand it. No more tongue twisters LOL                                                        


 What do you do when not using your voice on InternetJock?

How much time do you have? I have 2 Golden Retrievers so lots of hiking, I GARDEN, landscape, cook, sew, re-upholster furniture, paint miniature houses, needlepoint, TRAVEL, yoga, embroider, READ, Sudoku, Architectural design for myself and family (  Sunroom & Kitchen addition, Screen house and Garage with Pergola )  Of course not everyday...except for the dogs...and the gardens...and the cooking, yoga, sudoku...



You can order a great voice over from Cyd here: http://bit.ly/1KnqpSc

  • 08/31/2015 06:27 am PDT