Keith Alan has been slaving behind a hot microphone since 1985 and providing professional grade voice overs for clients from California to Washington state and points in between. He's also delivered projects for clients throughout the world including Canada, Australia and Saipan. Keith is professional, very easy to work with and is a long form technical and medical narration pro as well. For unmatched customer service and incredibly fast turnaround, have Keith Alan be your voice of choice and see for yourself.

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Car Spots
07/17/2019 11:17 am PDT   Now
Male Commercials
07/17/2019 11:16 am PDT   Now
Voicemail On Hold Message
07/17/2019 12:17 pm PDT   Now
Male-Narrations, Audio Books
07/17/2019 01:17 pm PDT   Now
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