JULIETTE GRAY is a female British VoiceOver Artist – with her own studio located in Los Angeles. She combines a sound that is warm, sophisticated, refined and luxurious with a touch of edge, pizazz and wryness, when needed. Juliette conveys a sense of the countries she has visited and lived in the world which is a perfect fit for today’s international global marketplace.  Juliette is proficient in a number of international accents and dialects, apart from British and Global and Mid-Atlantic American, including French, Italian, Australian, Russian/E. European Cockney and more.

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Female Commercials
07/21/2017 05:30 pm PDT   Now
British Accents
07/21/2017 05:31 pm PDT   Now
Unique Voices
07/21/2017 05:31 pm PDT   Now
Voicemail On Hold Message
07/21/2017 06:28 pm PDT   Now
Female-Narrations, Audio Books
07/24/2017 11:01 am PDT   07/24/2017 11:00 am PDT  
E Learning
07/24/2017 12:01 pm PDT   07/24/2017 11:00 am PDT  
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