Kae Marie

Hello! Kae is a full-time voiceover professional with extensive experience in commercials, business, internet, e-learning, audiobooks and IVR. She's got 20 years of academic and corporate training, enough standup comedy, many moons of community theater storytelling and most recently, radio and TV commercials. Clients include SalesFuel, Inc., Oak, Ohio Dominican University, and new businesses weekly. She’s trained by Ron Allen at Big Voice Productions, he’s a nit-picker perfectionist and she knows the ropes. Kae is happy to take direction and can help you and your company succeed.

Category Audio Estimated Delivery Availability Phone Session
Female Commercials
06/25/2019 01:30 pm PDT   Now
Holiday Specialty Voices
06/25/2019 01:31 pm PDT   Now
Millennial's (15-60 second spots only)
06/25/2019 01:31 pm PDT   Now
Female-Narrations, Audio Books
06/25/2019 03:31 pm PDT   Now
E Learning
06/25/2019 03:31 pm PDT   Now
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