Melody is an Internet Jock Top Voice, and happens to be quite a character. (In other words, character voices are her passion.) A premier national voice talent since 1989 and Internet Jock since 2009, she has performed extensively in professional theatre as well as improv with The Second City. Flip any channel, and you'll hear her voice daily across a vast array of media. Melody began her career on the stage,where she obtained her Equity card. She has done thousands of voice overs as well as appeared in tv and film work, including motion capture for high-profile video game characters. Some prominent works include Treyarch/Activision (U.S. President Bosworth in "Call of Duty Black Ops 2"), Toyota (national campaigns currently running), 1-800 Pet Meds (as "Molly the Cat"), China Metro Station (American voice for largest transportation system in the world!), ...and many, many others. Melody is on NYC Time and is ready to rock your spots!

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British Accents
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Political Voices
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Character Voices
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Female Commercials
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Voicemail On Hold Message
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Car Spots
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E Learning
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Female-Narrations, Audio Books
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