Dwight is one of the most versatile VO pros in the business. He can bring it home in a high-energy car spot and ratchet down for a compassionate person-to-person conversational read. He can deliver as a corporate spokesman and bring a story to life with his caring and warm tone. When it's time for multiple characters, there are hundreds running through his head and out his mouth, including males, females, animals, warriors, monsters, etc. In the end, most importantly, he is always believable. Some call him "The Voice of Reason". As a bonus; he provides incredibly fast turnaround. Dwight's in-home studio is in the top 1%. He has a soundproof booth, high-quality microphones and uses only the best recording software. You will get the highest quality audio possible every time, and on time.

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Character Voices
06/25/2019 01:29 pm PDT   Now
Political Voices
06/25/2019 01:42 pm PDT   Now
Car Spots
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Male Commercials
06/25/2019 01:42 pm PDT   Now
E Learning
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Male-Narrations, Audio Books
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