Maureen M

Maureen brings a wealth of voice over experience to Internetjock both on a national and local level having lived and worked in L.A., Chicago, Cincinnati and Houston. Maureen's voice is warm, rich, natural, smooth, professional, soothing, sexy, authoritative, friendly and caring. She has been a promo announcer at various TV stations and a host for Time Warner's Satellite Network and Video Rockade, The Cincinnati Business Review and AngelWaves Radio. Her freelance clients include: Continental, Administaff, Procter and Gamble, L.A. Daily News, First National Bank of Chicago, Kelly Service, Thrifty Stores, Ford, Pizza Hut, Ross Labs, KNBC, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, ITT Tech, Bank One and Infiniti.

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Auto-Car Spots
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Political Voices
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