Mark S

I am a 5 year member of Internet Jock and have voiced many prominent commercials in that time. Including current clients Manhattan Chrysler Dodge Jeep and Fred Beans dealerships in Philadelphia. Amazon has audio books i have voice on the market and I am a midday country radio personality here in the Louisville area and voice of many tv clients in this city too.I am currently production director for an 8 radio station cluster in Louisville also.

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Car Spots
02/19/2019 08:10 am PST   Now
Concert Commercials
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Radio-TV Imaging ($150.00) 10 Liners
02/19/2019 08:10 am PST   Now
Male Commercials
02/19/2019 08:11 am PST   Now
Voicemail On Hold Message
02/19/2019 08:16 am PST   Now
E Learning
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Male-Narrations, Audio Books
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