Mark N

I am the voice of Katsuro in the hit game "Fruit Ninja." I have also voiced for Samsung, Calvin Klein, GE, Mastercard, AT&T, Disneyland, Lowes, FedEx, Uber, Ford, The Coca Cola Company, 5 Hour Energy, Carls Jr., Molson Canada, Honda, Nestle, Papa Johns, BMW, Colgate-Palmolive, Lexus, McDonalds, The US Navy, Oracle, Citgo, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Miller-Coors, Mitsubishi, Salesforce, Volvo, Pizza Hut, Chevy, Domino’s Pizza, Kia, JetBlue, Facebook, Super 8, Gamefly, Volkswagon, Stella Artois, Mini, LiveNation, CBS Radio, Kaiser-Permanente, Farmers Insurance, Sams Club, Olympic Paints, DHL, Fujitsu, Dun and Bradstreet, Universal Music Group and many other big brands you may know. As a bestselling author and former TV and radio host, I believe I know what draws an audience in and how to use my naturally dynamic, friendly, warm and conversational voice to captivate them with your message. Aside from VO (which is my passion) I have written for television, hosted my own nationally-syndicated TV series and evening drive time radio show on Sirius. I also draw from an extensive music background having composed original music for The Winter Olympics on CBS, several TV series and videogames. I have also been featured by Playboy Magazine, on TV's "Access Hollywood", E! Entertainment's "Secret Societies of Hollywood" and "The Soup".

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