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Rachael, narration, attitude, youthful, sarcastic, bold, dynamic, elegant, sophisticated, friendly, funny, lovable
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IJ Q&A with REGINA D. [mcPZxBweyRVtyLnd.jpg] What brought you to do voice overs? I was working in a radio station in the creative department, and since I have a degree in Acting/Directing, I started voicing a lot of our local content for ...
Different Types of Voice Overs [LKzsMZ5jrSdZUjtW.jpg] Some people may hear the term ‘voice over’ and only think of a single, broad genre of work. However, voice over opportunities are as diverse as they are numerous. Someone who is perfect for hosting a radio ...
... Benjamin is versatile enough to give each character their own distinct personality. Further, he has recently taken a role in front ...
Rachael, eLearning, explainer, professional, clear, articulate, approachable, intelligent, trustworthy, dynamic, mature, friendly, helpful, understanding
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... it sound all natural – as if you made no distinct choices at all). Once we are given direction, if we ...
Rachael, IVR, voicemail on hold, clear, professional, friendly, helpful, dynamic, energetic, upbeat, corporate, casual, conversational, approachable, endearing, smooth
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Male, Resonant, Clear, Warm, Personable, Distinctive, Vibrant, Natural, Mellifluous.
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