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Recipe for an awesome Home Studio [Xgg6KpjOQ4YDkFsI.jpg] With the holidays a lots of folks have recipes on the brain including Voice ... of the best pieces of equipment for building or updating a quality in home recording studio. Check out her recipe for ... monitor Headphones 1 Modern computer/tablet with lots of room and a great sound card 1 Acoustically Correct Booth set up! "To ... Speakers 1 Headphone Extension Cable (25ft)1 Manhasset Script Stand For a special touch - feel free to sprinkle in: 1 Microphone ... Pre-Amp 1 Headphone Pre-Amp 1 Desktop Mic Stand "There is a smorgasbord of options when it comes to purchasing home studio ... – is all that matters. If you want to become a full time talent working from home, then this is a ...
Lanessa, young, friendly, fun, upbeat, 20s, 30s, cool, confident, inviting, warm, inspirational, sexy, casual, conversational, relaxed
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Pringle, hard sell, soft sell, over the top, real, calm, prestige, in your face, car ad, honor
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Alyson, infomercial,
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