The HO-HO-HO Inside

Santa Claus is, in a word, amazing.

Not only does he manage to swoop the globe in a single night, driving a sleigh full of toys pulled by eight tiny reindeer…but leading up to Christmas Eve he works tirelessly in shopping malls across the nation, a steady stream of children, laughing and screaming atop his lap, smiling through all of those pictures - and helping our economy grow! Yay Santa!

Perhaps less in our thoughts - yet equally as important - is how Santa is not only seen everywhere, but also heard across the nation. On the web, on television, on the radio, even in stores. Ah, the unmistakable, comfortable, booming voice...

Recipe for an awesome Home Studio

With the holidays a lots of folks have recipes on the brain including Voice Coach Deb Munro. She is back with us to share her take on what she thinks are some of the best pieces of equipment for building or updating a quality in home recording studio. Check out her recipe for a delicious "Equipment Entree."

"This recipe must start with the following ingredients:

1 Cardiod Microphone with Shock mount and optional desk top adaptor.

1 Mixer

1 Software Editing Program

1 XLR cable (25 feet or more)

1 XLR cable (6-10 feet for travel)

1 Pair of Studio...

Why some Cable companies choose online Voiceover Service?

The folks working in the Creative Departments at Cable companies work at a steady and usually pretty darn fast pace making commercials for their clients. This can be extremely challenging, since they are constantly trying to "beat the deadline", while still keeping quality top of mind.

We decided to ask some production executives at some of the larger providers why they like using online VO services when producing spots.

First we spoke to Andrew Soucek from Midcontinent.

 “I’ve been using online voiceover services for a little over two years now at Midcontinent. It’s...

How to successfully order voice overs online part one

Using any kind of service online can be a bit intimidating at first, and that can definitely be the case when ordering VO's online.

We asked InternetJock Customer Service Manager Extratordinare Derek Dearment what his best advice would be to get just what you want, before or at the deadline you requested.

"Well first, you must decide what style and delivery are you looking for, and how to best communicate that.

"Ordering a voice over online, and getting what you need can be tricky. Here are a few ways to make the process go smoothly, and help you...

Hiding Behind the Mask

Since Halloween is right around the corner, it's the time of year when we are tempted to pretend to be someone else. Here is a great piece from  voice coach Deb Munro, who argues that is not always the best idea when doing voice overs.
"My favorite time of year is upon us yet again.  For those of you new to my world, I love Halloween the most because I find most people more ‘themselves’.  If you go out for the evening, or on the streets with the kids, pay attention to how much more approachable people are.   I truly find people come out of...

The art of the Car Commercial Voiceover

What makes the VO for a car commerical stand out? Well it starts with choosing the right voice actor, and ends with that talent nailing the spot. We spoke to a couple of execs that put the commericals togther, and a couple voice actors that do A LOT of these campaigns, and here is what they had to say.

Jen Price, Digital Creative Producer from Dick Hannah says that they have been using a certain high energy male voice the past few years for most of their dealerships, but recently realized they wanted to make their spots more diverse to reflect the different types of cars...

Why choose an Online Voiceover Service?

Why use an online voiceover service?

There are numerous way to source voiceovers, and one solution that has been growing by leaps and bounds the past few years is the Online Voiceover Service.

The traditional audition process can become a bit tedious, and along with bidding for projects requires a lot of back and forth communication. One advantage to using an online service is that most of them list their prices up front, and have demos posted to listen to at your leisure.

Since we all seem to be seeking instant gratification more than ever with the speed and accessibility the internet offers us, we tend to expect to get things as fast as possible, quality...

Elearning market growing at a fast pace

We voice a lot of Elearning projects here at Internetjock, and actually have a whole page on our site dedicated to that category of voiceover. The world of eLearning is growing at a phenomenal pace, and we are thrilled to be a part of it.

Veronica Davis from the Epoch Times recently spoke about why Elearning is becoming such a huge market, and why it works so well for so many businesses.

"E-learning is fast becoming more viable, accessible from platforms that can be affordable to small businesses. An initial investment in e-learning tapers off over time. For example, a three-year employee training...

The challenges of voicing Characters

Voicing characters is a whole different ballgame than a regular read for voice actors. I asked some of our busiest character talent how they approach character VO’s, and they had some great insight.

Internetjock Melody has done numerous character voices, including Madame President for Call of Duty Black Ops 2. She says first and foremost, in order to pull off a great character, you have to have the acting chops.  It's not just enough to use "a funny voice."  The acting skill must be there in order to make a character sound believable.  And...

Mic shock

All voice actors have experienced "Mic shock", you have read the script, and get prepared for the session to go in a certain direction, but the client changes things up.

Voice coach Deb Munro from Deb's Voice did a great job of addressing this scenario recently, and here is what she had to say.

"You’re in the studio…you were well prepared when you arrived…You begin to voice the project at hand and the clients want you to go in a different direction.   If you’re a seasoned pro, you know exactly what to do because you always come prepared with another option...