Demo Category: Audio/Video Syncing

Jock Audio Estimated Delivery Availability Phone Session
Michael E
10/20/2021 10:00 am PDT   10/20/2021 09:57 am PDT  
Mauricio (Spanish)
10/20/2021 06:00 pm PDT   10/20/2021 01:00 pm PDT  
Arnaly Audio/Video Syncing
10/21/2021 04:57 am PDT   10/21/2021 04:00 am PDT  
Simple Audio/ Video syncing is priced at $120 per minute.Spanish translation is additional.  Advanced syncing requires you to contact us and get a quote. Please indicate what needs to be done,and attach the required audio and hi resolution video .avi or mpeg file good enough to use in the timeline of the video editing software as a reference as to the timing of the audio. Simple syncing is usually one video or audio track and syncing to another voice. One revision is allowed additional charges apply for additional revisions. If your project does not meet the simple definition we will reach out to you about additional costs. Thank You