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To make your voice over experience as easy as possible we have a few things you need to know.

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Click the link at the bottom of this page, fill out all the information including the credit card information (unless you already have an existing account) Within 30 minutes (during regular business hours Monday- Friday)  You will receive an E Mail with links for videos on how to place an order. Your user name and password will be included. Be sure to indicate payment method or your order may be delayed. New client requests are processed week days during regular business hours only. Please do not sign up for a new account if you are already in our system
Next click "View Orders"

Existing Clients:  Just login with you user name and password.Note: if you are a current client and forgot your password and user name please call us or hit the "Forgot Password Link", please don't sign up for a new account if you already have an account.

How to place an order

Click "Demos" Choose from the demos catagory and proceed to the Internetjocks name of your choice. Here you can listen to the demo, if you are ready to order click the "Order Now" button under the Internetjocks Profile.

Filling In The Work Order
Please fill in all the blank spaces, spot/client name (as you want it on your invoice) . You will also be asked to fill in Length, Deadline, & Instructions for each spot. do not use special characters in the spot title.  A Copy of the Order goes directly to the Internetjock and a copy to our office for billing purposes. You will notice a confirmation number on every order in your E Mail box. Write this number down, you will need it when you retrieve your completed spot and for any future referencing. You will receive (2) E mails, one for confirmation and the other for when it is finished.


Fill in the Actual Voice Over Length and the Number of Spots, You can order 9 spots per order, please indicate in drop down box if you are placing more than one spot per order. 


This is the time and date you need your VO. Please look at each profile and you will see times available for each Internetjock. When you place your order you will have your VO done within the hours listed on each Internetjock profile. Please note time zones the talent is in, you will need to do the math if your time zone is different. You have 10 days to download your VO before they are erased. We are not responsible for VO's not downloaded in the 15 day period.


Please give the talent the direction you want them to read your VO, often many refer to a part of their demo you liked. IE; hard sell, medium tempo not over the top, things like that.


Attach your copy here; we prefer a word doc or pdf file. You can also attach a Audio file for pronunciations or a scratch track in theaudio/video browse location.  Files Accepted are MP3, mov, aif, wma, avi, wmv......
If for some reason we make a mistake please Hit The link on the order called "Got An Issue With This Order? Please do not submit another new order for revisions.

Other Mistakes

If you made an error and need a spot done over please submit a new order. Mistakes made by clients are considered new orders and are billable. Just click the link on your order "Got an Issue With This Order" if you have an issue with your final voice over. 

Copy too long

If you submit copy that is too long we will E Mail back a request to shorten the copy. If this should happen 3 times a year we will need to charge again for copy that is sent back for revisions. Use the Internetjock Copy Timer on the order form to time your copy. 


Type in keywords here to narrow your voice over search. IE" "Santa" brings up all the voice's that does that type voice.

Forget Your User Name & Password?

Click on this link and fill in your E Mail address and we will E Mail you the lost info.


Giving a clear, precise pronunciation on a clients name or technical term is key. Retakes can hold up the process. So please be sure to include a pronunciation guide for any proper names or unusual words. Our loose rule of thumb is this: If the word (or name) can't be found in the dictionary, it needs a pronunciation key. And keep in mind regional or local pronunciations that may differ nationally. An example is the word route. As you know, in some parts of the country its said root, in others rowt .Using a sounds-like key (as just done) is also very helpful with pronunciation guides. Or call us and we will record pronunciations on the phone and forward to the Internetjock of your choice. Or you can attach a Audio file file recorded by you in audio/video browse tab on the order form. You can call 877 646-4163 X6 and record your pronounciation.

Special Instructions

If your order requires special attention , please E Mail or call us so we can assist. 

Phone Sessions

A few Internetjocks will do a listen in session on the phone,look for the green phone logo next to the jocks profile.Additional charges apply.

Weekend Orders

A few Internetjocks work on the weekends, if you need a weekend order you will see who is available on the web site. If their name is greyed out they are not available on weekends.. There is no customer service help on weekends.

Order Completion

Once you send a spot order its goes directly to The Internetjock for production, so if you need to stop the order or change it for any reason once you have sent it, you need to call or E Mail us immediately. We can only stop the order during regular business hours.

Once the Internetjock completes the order you will be notified immediately by E Mail that it is completed. Just log back in and retrieve your voice over. Look for the tab "Order History" 

E Mail: By signing up clients agree to accept E Mail blasts concerning changes we make or other important matters. Don't worry we rarely do this. We do not sell or share our client list with anyone. 

If you need help please call us toll free (877) 646-4163 X 1. Open 6:00am PT-5:00 pm Pacific Time, Closed Weekends & USA Holidays