If you’ve ever watched tv, listened to the radio, been in an airport, played a video game, been placed on-hold, or listened to audiobooks, you’ve heard Melody’s voice. She has been our Internet Top Jock for 10 years as well as performed extensively in professional theatre. Melody was cast in a major film role in “Call of Duty Black Ops II.” Prominent clients include Groupon, Voya Financial, Dansko, Miracle-Ear, & Tylenol Rapid-Release. She specializes in character voices, accents, and dialects. Because of her strong acting and singing background, Mel is versatile enough to accomplish pretty much anything you need, and she’s standing by ready to rock your spots! (Please, no Planned Parenthood, pro-choice, New-Age, or occult-based material).

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British Accents
02/21/2020 12:03 pm PST   Now
Holiday Specialty Voices
02/21/2020 12:04 pm PST   Now
Car Spots
02/21/2020 12:03 pm PST   Now
Female Commercials
02/21/2020 12:06 pm PST   Now
Voicemail On Hold Message
02/21/2020 12:06 pm PST   Now
Character Voices
02/21/2020 12:06 pm PST   Now
E Learning
02/21/2020 02:02 pm PST   Now
Female-Narrations, Audio Books
02/21/2020 02:06 pm PST   Now
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