Veggie Tales: Larry Boy and the Bad Apple....'The Bad Apple' (yes we all know I was typecast) Totally Spies: Lady Luna the villain - Ep:56 'Space Much' (hmm, do I detect a trend here) This is so cool and really gives purpose to the career: a documentary about the genesis and history of the Paul Newman Foundation, so exciting to talk about the good work they do around the world! The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation AGM, the year in synopsis - swag? Microsoft-Tutorial Word Perfect...hmm still no swag Kimberly Clarke-Code of Ethics & Standards Amazon Prototype –Ergonomics for employees WBZ TV Boston “Boston Marathon” Texas Film Hall of Fame 2009/2010:Awards Announcer...way cool...its like announcing the Oscars, Texas style! and lots of internal stuff for Texas A&M University The voice of the USA Department of Homeland Security 101 Online Awareness Course: 29 Modules...and yes...I do get special attention at the gate... when I mention it LOL The Main Russian Progressive Event – awards announcer - Moscow Vocaboly for the University of British Columbia...literally reading the dictionary...and was mind numbing Miffy (PBS kids / TVO / Treehouse) Narrator (speaking of mind numbing) KBTX - TV News Team Imaging promos Cal IT Los Angeles (personal auto direction guidance ) Cal IT 2 San Francisco & Area (personal auto direction guidance )so if you get lost in Hellay, it's my fault BWAHAHAHA Philips Fluoroscope - ow Haliburton : Down Hole Camera Service : Easy well : Sperry rite Multilateral Systems : Versa Flex The Black bearded Barbarian of Taiwan: Documentary The Defiant Ones: Documentary One Country, the Tamil struggle in Canada: : Documentary Diabetes UK: Documentary-did that one with a posh Brit accent Deloitte & Touche Canada: Podcast Interviews....yawn ( no offense guys) Ethan Allen, Holland America Line, Samsung, MacDonalds, You Tube, Xfinity, UPS, Ikea, IBM, MIta Copiers,

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