Melody is a full-time, national voice talent since 1989, and an Internet Jock since 2009. You hear her voice everywhere, every single day. No exaggeration. Melody is experienced in both stage and comedy improvisation. She's done thousands of voice overs as well as a plethora of on-camera work - and motion capture for high-profile video games! (Please check out her Hillary impersonation in her Character demo to see what we mean!) Her recording studio is fully-equipped with ISDN.

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Female Commercials
04/18/2014 07:05 am   Now
Character Voices
04/18/2014 07:05 am   Now
Voicemail Telephone On Hold Messages
04/18/2014 07:05 am   Now
Narrations, Audio Books (Long Form Voice Overs)
04/18/2014 09:05 am   Now
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