Abe M.

I have over 17 years of voice over and radio production experience. I've worked as a full time producer for several stations in the Phoenix market including KKFR, KZON, KTAR, KFYI, KKLT, KOOL and KMLE. I also specialize in imaging and various audio production. Currently, I am the morning show producer at KOOL 94.5 and the Imaging Director for KALV, KOOL and KMLE. I am also the station voice of KALV/Live 101.5. I have voiced ads for brands like Ciroc, Gatorade, Chrysler, Icon Motosports, Sprite and Aquafina.

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Millennial's (15-60 second spots only)
09/28/2020 07:19 am PDT   Now
Male Commercials
09/28/2020 07:22 am PDT   Now
Unique Voices
09/28/2020 07:22 am PDT   Now
Concert Commercials
09/28/2020 07:22 am PDT   Now
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