Jon C.

Jon C is one of Internetjocks Top Voices! He has voiced thousands of spots for clients such as American Express, KFC, GM, Burger King, RCA, Ciroq Vodka, Warner Music and thousands more! Hard Sell, Soft Sell, Kenny is one of the top Automotive Voices in America - he is the voice of car dealers around the world, He also voices Movie Trailers, His style can be Powerful, Upbeat, Friendly, Warm, Smooth, Deep, Authoritative, Exciting, Conversational, Natural, Announcer, Non Announcer, Sports Announcer, Real Guy, Guy Next Door, Young Male, Senior Male Jon now lives just outside of L.A with his wife Anne and his two kids Jackson 20 and Vannesa 22.

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Holiday Specialty Voices
10/26/2020 12:43 pm PDT   Now
Political Voices
10/26/2020 12:43 pm PDT   Now
Male Commercials
10/26/2020 12:43 pm PDT   Now
Auto-Car Spots
10/26/2020 12:48 pm PDT   Now
Male-Narrations, Audio Books
10/26/2020 02:43 pm PDT   Now
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