I was a TV news anchor for 15 years, and during that time, I also did voice overs, taking workshops and classes so I could offer more than a just great corporate or announcer read. Now I work full time as a voice artist offering a diverse delivery--from child voices to teen, college aged mother and more. I've worked on hundreds and hundreds of projects for clients around the world, including commercials, tutorials, audio books, voice mail systems and much, much more.

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Female Commercials
04/24/2014 05:38 pm   Now
Voicemail Telephone On Hold Messages
04/24/2014 05:38 pm   Now
Car Spots
04/24/2014 05:38 pm   Now
Infomercials, Voices, Voice Overs
04/24/2014 05:38 pm   Now
Narrations, Audio Books (Long Form Voice Overs)
04/25/2014 07:08 am   Now
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