Mary has been a working actor for most of her life and booked her first voice over twenty years ago. As a classically trained stage and film actor she offers a wide range of versatility and Mary is most well known for her conversational reads, bringing honesty and sincerity to her projects. She has excellent comic timing, and a gift for creating interesting characters. Mary is well liked by her clients for her excellent ability to take direction well and to approach copy from intersting perspectives. She is one of the voices of the Open House New York, podcast series along side celebrities such as Kevin Bacon. Her “Mom” voice has spoken for clients such as Nick at Nite, Walmart, and Comet. Her “sultry velvet” voice has spoken for BASF cosmetics. And the “many crazy voices in her head” can be heard while playing Nintendo Wii. No matter what the project, or the voice you are looking for, Mary can bring it to the table.

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Car Spots
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Voicemail Telephone On Hold Messages
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Political Voices
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Female Commercials
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Narrations, Audio Books (Long Form Voice Overs)
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