Policies and Definitions:

Our Mission:

Internetjock is completely transparent. We choose long-term relationships over profit. We operate on the principle of supporting our clients.
We have a team of dedicated, local, customer service reps. When you call us, you’re not talking in a call center in another country, they’re in our office, standing by and ready to help when needed.


Internetjock.com reserves the right to reject any voice over if it contains sexual content, hate content, or something we consider to be in bad taste. We do not discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity. 

Ownership:  All voice overs are the property of Internetjock.com. Once they are paid for they become the clients property and they are free to use them in any manner. Internetjock will not enter into any confidentiality agreements or release forms. 


Commercials usually run 15, 30 or 60 seconds.  You cannot combine several spots and call it one spot. We bill based on the amount of spots you order. Additional charges apply for spots sent where we need to time a video to match the voice over.

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All voice overs we send are property of Internetjock.com until the client pays in full.  All voice overs are a BUYOUT with no restrictions.

A Re-do

A re-do is when the client does not like the way the voice-over was read.

If you are not happy with the voice over please click the link on the order form "Have An Issue"  so we can do it over in the proper manner. Please do not submit another order via the web site. We do not charge for the second re-do unless you change the copy or direction.

Tags or Spots

Tags usually run 15 seconds or less. Spots run longer usually 30 or 60 seconds.

You cannot count a number of tags or short spots as a 30 or 60 second spot. These are separate and charged accordingly. Different Phone Numbers are considered tags.

Scripts & Narration

Scripts are usually more than one minute long.

Scripts or Narration jobs are not radio spots, they are usually used for industrial videos, web sites, and on-hold messages. Rates are based on the total finished length, and does not include any special editing (projects 5 minutes or longer) or production fees at $50 an hour. Our policy on scripts longer than one minute is to E Mail you a portion for approval. If you approve we will finish and post on our web site. Please allow longer turn around times for long scripts. 

Production Costs

Additional Costs for Producing Spots, adding music and sound effects

Production costs are based on simple editing. More difficult editing projects require additional fees based on the project.


Liners are One Line and no more. Liners are used for Radio & TV programs and have a separate rate.
If any Liner runs longer than one line it will be considered a tag or full-length voiceover.

A Revision

A revision is when the client changes the copy and wants it done over.

We charge again for revisions. Revisions are changes in the instructions or copy

Copy Too Long

If a spot is sent and it is too long we will ask you to shorten the script.

Please use "The Internetjock Copy Timer" On your order form. This feature will time your script . This feature is available when you place an order. Just check the Copy Timer Option Box on the order form.

There may be a fee of 15 dollars if you repeatedly send in long copy, as it delays the order process.

Be sure to check out the Advanced version of Copy Timer www.copytimer.com  You can now create copy from many formats and have it all timed out for you as you write your copy. Its a time saving experience.


Please download your VO within 30 days after completion as we erase from our server at that point. We are not responsible for files not downloaded in a timely manner. Any voice over Issues must be addressed within 30 days of receipt.

Internetjock Phone Listen In Session Policy

If you’d like to do a Listen In Session with one of our Internetjocks, you can if the jock has a green telephone next to their profile, not all jocks can do phone listen in sessions.  If you have any questions about this policy please ask for clarification in order to prevent misunderstandings. A Listen In Session is the standard cost of the copy as written based on the current rate card, plus the cost of the Listen In Session (copy rate card cost + Listen In Session cost). Character voices, kids, and translations are additional. Call us for rates.

What is the Listen In cost?

Listen in Sessions costs are $60.00 for up to 30 minutes of Listen In time per project. The Internetjock will be glad to read each project up to 3 times. If you exceed 3 takes per session you will be billed by the minute for each additional take.  

For example?

A 30 second commercial voice over is the rate card cost, plus Listen In cost. Same for narrations (over 60 seconds); rate card + Listen in Session cost. 

What about editing?

Under normal circumstances we deliver the entire session unedited for you to edit as you see fit. If you require additional (separate) files or want your files cleaned up and edited we charge an additional $50 per hour. There is a One Hour Minimum.


If there are changes after the session is over additional charges will apply.

Again, to prevent misunderstandings, if you have any questions or need clarification, please contact us. 

Credit Card Policy: We reserve the right to charge your card after each order or at the end of the month. This policy is based on your credit history with us. Cards that decline will be charged a $25 service fee, checks that bounce will be charged a $75 service charge. All voice overs are the property of InternetJock until payment is rendered.

E Mail: By signing up clients agree to accept E-Mail blasts concerning changes we make or other important matters. Don't worry we rarely do this, and we do not sell or share our client list with anyone. NSF check fee $25.00

Privacy Policy: Internetjock.com does not share client information with anybody period.

Our Guarantee

If you are not happy with the spot or voiceover, we will make a fair resolution with  you once we review the issues. 
You must notify us within 48 hours of delivery. Certain Restrictions Apply

Derek (General Manager)  
Dave  (Customer Service)
Internetjock.com since 1998
Based near Portland, in Beaverton Oregon USA


Internetjock runs its entire business on Wind Power purchased from Wind Farms in Eastern Oregon. Wind Power is Clean Renewable energy. Internetjock recycles 100% of it waste paper, and is proud to be part of the first state in the union to require deposits on its cans and bottles. We reuse whenever possible and use CFL Lighting for the entire office. Going green is helping to save the planet's resources.