Stand ups and Voice overs

Objects Levitated By Using Sound

No there are no hoverboards yet, but engineers or ‘purveyors of magic and bafflement’ as I like to call them have invented a device that can levitate tiny objects using THE POWER OF SOUND with a sonic tractor beam.

This technology could change the way we view movies and internet videos

A Good Home Studio Mic

There are plenty of affordable studio microphones available. One of the most popular is the Shure SM7. Used by many professional recording artists such as Foo Fighters, Adele and Lana Del Rey (to name a few) but is a top choice for voice over artists as well.

It has a warm sound and is easy to use in any room to get a consistent sound without a lot of set up. The Shure SM7 has the ability to give you a big studio sound even if you are recording your vocal tracks in the back of a tour bus. It...

Q & A with Internetjock Mary C.

When did you know you wanted to do voice overs?


I’ve been a working actor for most of my life.  I’m a singer and dancer and have

performed for years in film and on stage.  Commercials and voice overs have

been a large part of my career and when I became a Mom voice over provided

the most flexible schedule for me so I could be with my family, and still scratch

my itch...


What brought you to do voice overs?

I was working in a radio station in the creative department, and since I have a degree in Acting/Directing, I started voicing a lot of our local content for spots.  After I while, I decided that was my favorite part of my job… and I wanted to continue doing it for other people, so applied at InternetJock.


Anyone in the voiceover industry that...

The Voice of the NYC Subway

A familiar voice for New York City commuters has come a long way down the line - of broadcasting.

Q & A with Internetjock Jim G.

What brought you to do voice overs?

I always have enjoyed creating good sound and I was a TV announcer for years.


Anyone in the voice over industry that has inspired you? Explain what it is about them.

Yes, Don Lafontaine. He knew how to set the mood. Also, Ed Victor for his versatility and willingness to share his knowledge.


Do you have a name for your microphone? If not what name would you give it?



How do you take care of your voice? Any type of warm ups?

I do not yell at sporting events. I drink...

INTERNETJOCK Q&A with Roberta K.

What brought you to do Voiceovers?

Growing up everyone told me that I had a unique voice. People would comment and tell me the "crackle, raspy sound" in my voice was quite lovely and of course the low range caused others to tell me I sounded just like Demi Moore and Debra Winger and I should definitely consider recording commercials! So I decided to study broadcast journalism and voice acting in college....soon after graduating I landed a news reporter position at a CBS Affiliate and started to record hundreds of commercials for the station and for advertisers across the country! Fast forward 20 years and it's still what I love to do! My voice career...

Q & A: Internetjock Cyd

What brought you to do voice overs?

A career on the stage led to full time employment in radio for 25 years. But my heart has always been in acting. Voiceover blends the best of both worlds


Anyone in the voice over industry that has inspired you? Explain what it is about them.

Robin Williams (bless his soul) he defies explanation!


How do you take care of your voice? Any type of warm ups?

I'm a trained actress, so I always try to use my voice correctly. Part of that is refusing to scream, whether in life or for a part. I don't do formal exercises or  warm...