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Ryan D Narration - Peaceful, natural, corporate, real, intelligent, Medium tone, e-learning, web, documentary, medical, soft sell or hard sell, twenty something, thirty something, conversational - from very soft to authoritative. Young sound and laid back to middle-aged. Easily connect to Gen X and Gen Y.
Category: Male-Narrations, Audio Books
Availability: 06/25/2018 08:30 am PDT  
Warm, Authoritative, Natural, Sultry, Girl Next Door, Upbeat, Engaging, Energetic, Professional, Playful, Sardonic, Amusing, Sarcastic, Inspirational, Uplifting, Rich, Desirable, Sexy, Attractive, Conversational, Neighbor, Mom.
Category: Female Commercials
Availability: 06/25/2018 09:00 am PDT  
Nicole B, Millennial, Warm, sexy, inviting, conversational, fun, friendly, girl next door, millennial, young, energetic, authentic, innovative. improvisational. fearless, organic fresh. versatile. flexible. creative, serious, soft, contemporary, natural
Category: Millennial's (15-60 second spots only)
Availability: 06/25/2018 05:19 am PDT  
Elearning market growing at a fast pace [f1bHQn2Ly1ELtTjG.jpg] We voice a lot of Elearning projects here at Internetjock, and actually ... the goal to automate and streamline basic training in a big company? Is it really worth designing and implementing an e-learning ... Let’s look deeper into that right now. "Both small and big businesses alike have to answer key questions before they purchase ... (or use free) training only when necessary? Rather than a big initial investment in e-learning, would it make more sense to ... stand out is to have it narrated by a professional voice actor, and Internetjock can do that for you fast, and ...
Gina, kind, friendly, warm, motherly, genuine, narration, believable, professional, instructional, animated, happy
Category: Female-Narrations, Audio Books
Availability: 06/25/2018 10:19 am PDT  
Andy T, Narration, British, smooth, sophisticated, well spoken,
Category: Male-Narrations, Audio Books
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John H, eLearning, Explainer, Friendly, Relatable, Real, Believable, Conversational, Intelligent
Category: E Learning
Availability: 06/25/2018 07:19 am PDT  
Jonna, Narrations, Authoritative, Bright, Educational,Friendly, Important, Informative, Instructional, Sophisticated
Category: Female-Narrations, Audio Books
Availability: 06/29/2018 07:15 am PDT  
Juliette, British,Documentary, Geographic, Story-teller, British,International, Announcer, charismatic, Authoritative, curiosity-inspiring,
Category: Female-Narrations, Audio Books
Availability: 06/25/2018 11:00 am PDT  
Arnaly - Narration Demo (Spanish) Elearning demo. Professional yet entertaining, Authoritative, Easy to listen.
Category: Female-Narrations, Audio Books
Availability: 06/25/2018 10:21 am PDT