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Genevieve (NEW), youthful, energetic, warm, witty, upbeat, conversational, authentic, young mom, girl-next-door
Category: Female Commercials
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Mike, Large, Deep, Exciting, Upbeat, Authoritative, Persuasive powerful hardsell softsell deep smooth warm fun Natural, Friendly, Luxury, Conversational, Real, Believable
Category: Male Commercials
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Kenny is The #1 Automotive Advertising Voice in America. He is also one of Internetjocks Top Voices. Kenny voices spots for hundreds of car dealers nationwide each month.
Hard Sell, Monster Truck, Energetic, Luxury, Sophisticated, Upscale, Soft Sell, Conversational, Guy Next Door,
Kenny cannot do car ads in Pennsylvania

Category: Car Spots
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The voice of many national infomercials!
One of the worlds top voice actors.
Category: Infomercials, Voices, Voice Overs
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Strong, authoritative voice, trustworthy, mature, sounds like national political ads
Category: Political Voices
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Voice-Overs Are The Key To Take Action [FTpwwhBP443bnYov.jpg] You already know that a voice-over can lead the ... viewer to the actions that follow in your explainer video; this means ... that your voice actor will have to announce your call-to-action out loud at the end to lead ... your potential customers towards the action you want them to perform (whether it’s subscribing to your newsletter, downloading an eBook, ... etc.). Overall, there’s nothing better than using the right voice to guide them. Tips and tricks for talent Share * 10/20/2015 ...