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Warm, soft, clear, neutral Spanish accent.
Category: Voicemail On Hold Message
Availability: 04/24/2019 08:57 am PDT  
Do Voice-Overs Really Matter in Animated Explainer Videos? [u2ltQLSuDHpKbuS8.jpg] A Voice-Over is no more and no less than the voice in an animated explainer video (or any other audio/visual piece, for that matter). Is it really that important? Is a self-made voice-over the same as a ...
Cyd, Clear, Professional, warm, rich, instructive, friendly, natural, reassuring, authoritative, sophisticated, intelligent, motivational, charming, Smooth, convincing, friendly, warm, likable, believable, trustworthy, persuasive, honest, powerful,
Category: Female-Narrations, Audio Books
Availability: 04/29/2019 05:00 am PDT  
George, Rough, coarse voice, deep and clear
Category: Political Voices
Availability: 04/24/2019 09:06 am PDT  
Category: Male-Narrations, Audio Books
Availability: Now
Happy, Festive,clear, loud, carring
Category: Holiday Specialty Voices
Availability: 04/24/2019 09:06 am PDT  
Rachael, millennial, warm, friendly, inviting, relatable, dynamic, textured, trustworthy, charismatic, personality, professional, clear, smart, compassionate
Category: Millennial's (15-60 second spots only)
Availability: 04/26/2019 05:00 am PDT  
Bobby, Friendly, Clean, Happy, Energy, Fun, Dynamic, Clear, Believable, Warm, Smooth, Conversational, Genuine, Serious, Rock, CHR, Natural, Hip, Cool, Love, Bass, Deep, Emotion, Professional, Conversational, Movie Trailer, Classy
Category: Male Commercials
Availability: 04/24/2019 07:00 am PDT