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Cate C, Narration, e-Learning, Female Generic, Warm, Sincere, Soft, Upbeat, Fun, Wild, Wicked, Major Market talent No marijuana related scripts
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Hard-hitting, in-your-face, big, authoritative, commanding, world-class concert voice and production.
Category: Concert Commercials
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I’m a singer and dancer and have performed for years in film and on stage. Commercials and voice overs have been ... me have it all! Do you have a name for your microphone? Gustav! And it must be said with a commanding ... voice in a thick European accent. He’s the boss and thinks he ... is in charge, (but I wear the real pants in the relationship.) How do you take care of your voice? ... doing it right. I especially like to do vocal exercises in the car. I find it provides much needed entertainment for ... those stuck in the NJ traffic around me. I do what I can ...
How to Grow in Your Voice Over Career [ddXvs9HaxT7t7qqt.jpg] It takes a lot of work ... to a lasting, successful career is to continuously improve yourself, your craft, and your business. This might mean constantly sprucing up ... on industry trends. If you’re looking for the next step in pursuing your dreams, check out this guide for how to ... grow in your voice over career. Career Plan Every professional occupation needs a ... fancy or even take you a long time—just write down your goals and figure out how to get there. Once you ... friends or other voice actors to get some insight. Summarizing your dream career on paper can be overwhelming, but once you ...
... personality. "Since our motto at Dick Hannah Dealerships is “Believe in Nice” we want our voice talents to represent that, but ... Creative Media expains their process. "Once we make our choice in voice talent, we send the demo files to the client ... An Automotive dealer’s commercial campaign should be a 'potent weapon in radio and tv warfare.' When listening to my automotive commercials, ... the speakers a little and hide the children! But let's face it, if you want to 'move metal', you gotta' pound ... 'em over the head once in a while." No matter what the make, model, or campaign ... right voice is key if you want to really "drive' your message home! JulieRae MacLeod Sales and Marketing @ Internetjock Navigating ...
Chris, car, auto,hard sell, high energy, in your face, bold, powerful, hot, energetic, monster truck, wow, professional, national credits, experienced.
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... the script, and get prepared for the session to go in a certain direction, but the client changes things up. Voice ... recently, and here is what she had to say. "You’re in the studio…you were well prepared when you arrived…You begin to ... project at hand and the clients want you to go in a different direction. If you’re a seasoned pro, you know ... to do because you always come prepared with another option in your back pocket, but let’s face it, even the pro’s ... it is for you to go and watch the pros in action. Volunteer for a studio or local casting/director or just ... bring out more than one option to their read and in fact the clients may pull them in a thousand different ...