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Professional, Intense, informational, conversational, authoritative, bold, strong, commanding, interesting, educational, medical, technical narration
Category: Male-Narrations, Audio Books
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Jody B. Many styles, soft, personable, serious, medium, Intense, Authoritative, Hard Sell, Soft Sell, Smooth, Laid Back, Warm, Believable, Caring, Sincere, Confident, Old, Sexy, Bright, Personable, Conversational hard sell that you need when you need it! Movie Trailer, Network Television Promo Voice, Dramatic, Powerful, Deep, Serious, Fun and Upbeat, Natural, Country, Military, Radio , TV, Imaging, Adult Contemporary, Rock, CHR, News, Talk, Sports, Night Club, Party Commercial, Hard sell , Auto, Car, Truck, RV
Category: Car Spots
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Eddie, Car, Auto, Intense, Direct, High Energy, Exciting, Cool, Drive, Fun, Hip, Gravelly, Engaging, Focused, Slick, Party, Positive
Category: Car Spots
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Bobby, imaging, cool, hip, clean, excited, intense, strong, conversational
Category: Radio-TV Imaging ($150.00) 10 Liners
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INTERNETJOCK Q&A with Roberta K. [xUe9cnA4mIAzMAQ2.jpg] What brought you to do Voiceovers? Growing up everyone told me that I had a unique voice. People would comment and tell me the "crackle, raspy sound" in my voice was quite lovely and of course the ...
John M, Car Spots, Hard Sell, Intense, Powerful, Upbeat, High Energy, Not available in Atlanta and Philadelphia Metro areas.
Category: Car Spots
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Archer, Commercials, male, spots, authoritative, authority, conversational, natural, dramatic, excited, upbeat, announcer, sincere, friendly, unique, luxury, luxurious, elegant, deliberate, enthusiastic, convincing, hard, screamer, intense, pro, Dusablon, energy, professional, VO, voiceover, voice, cars, trucks, demo
Category: Male Commercials
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Inessa, Political, authoritative, conversational, natural, dispassionate, convincing, professional, warm, informative, sarcastic, straightforward, trustworthy, intense, sincere, scolding, helpful.
Category: Political Voices
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