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... to a professional home studio, so usually they are the kids of other voice actors working in the business. We spoke ... to a couple of these kids who work for Internetjock and asked them how they got ... a bit about how Nicole got started. “Lots of little kids drift off at bedtime hearing their Mother’s voice, but for ...
Not available to do national spots. Jordan, Kids, 18 yr old male, exciting, vibrant, lots of personality, Natural sounding
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Cyd,Authoritative, Smooth, convincing, friendly, warm, likable, believable, trustworthy, persuasive, honest, powerful, conversational, real, sincere, mature, knowing, thought provoking, clear, strong, emotional. Hard sell or soft. I don't have any issues with topics or conflicts in markets.
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Debbie, M, character voices, cartoon, kid, sexy, fun. kids, teens, adults, creatures, seniors, witches, villians, silly, insane, sfx, strong acting, real, over the top, animals
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Famous Voice Over Actors from Over the Years [W2MuCqmeZSvsAjey.jpg] Not usually as well-known as on-screen actors, voice over actors can carve out successful careers that last much longer than the typical Hollywood star. When a voice actor is good, they’ll find plenty of ...
Jon C. - Hard sell, Soft sell,
energy, convincing, Real,
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Hiding Behind the Mask [ZHVox1FScWV5mmIJ.jpg] Since Halloween is right around the corner, it's the time of year when we are tempted to pretend to be someone else. Here is a great piece from voice coach Deb Munro, who argues that is not always the ...
9 Tips for Starting a Successful Voice Over Career [uVQ54mWlf5Jtew58.jpg] As kids, many of us dream of becoming famous actors. From dazzling movie stars on the red carpet to the hilarious voices behind our favorite characters, it’s extremely common to consider pursuing a ...
Morgan_eLearning, gravity, authority and humor Educational, factual, Friendly, Connects, one on one, children and kids alike, relate
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