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Dena, political, serious, sarcastic, conversational
Category: Political Voices
Availability: 07/17/2019 07:00 am PDT  
Bonnie, Political Voices: professional, savvy, convincing, positive, understandable, warm, smooth delivery, announcer to mom next door, compassionate, inspiring
Category: Political Voices
Availability: 07/22/2019 07:00 am PDT  
Bonnie,Female Narrations, Audio Books:
experienced, professional, smooth, unique, caring, vibrant, compelling, corporate, warm, inspirational, extensive background with medical terms, technical terms
Category: Female-Narrations, Audio Books
Availability: 07/22/2019 07:00 am PDT  
Contemporary, commanding, attention-getting, authoritative, urgent, exciting auto dealer voice, hard-sell, soft-sell, stand-out-cut-through-the clutter voice and production.
Category: Car Spots
Availability: 07/17/2019 04:24 am PDT  
Bonnie, Car Spots:
high energy, upscale, personality, vibrant, natural, professional, inspiring, salesy,
trustworthy, sultry
Category: Car Spots
Availability: 07/22/2019 07:00 am PDT  
Informative, professional, educational, story teller, authoritative, interesting, smooth, friendly
Category: Infomercials, Voices, Voice Overs
Availability: 07/17/2019 04:24 am PDT  
Bonnie, Female Commercials:
warm, compassionate, inspiring, confident, unique, reassuring, sexy, energetic, upscale, sophisticated, personality, vibrant, natural, professional, versatile
Category: Female Commercials
Availability: 07/22/2019 07:00 am PDT  
Regina, Millennial, young, fresh, girl-next-door, energetic, bright, cheery, fun, expressive, 20s, 30s
Category: Millennial's (15-60 second spots only)
Availability: 07/25/2019 05:30 am PDT  
Bill C, Concerts, medium energy, high energy, music, tour, festivals,
Category: Concert Commercials
Availability: 07/17/2019 09:00 am PDT  
Mike T - On-Hold Demo: Real, Dynamic, Smooth
Category: Voicemail On Hold Message
Availability: 07/17/2019 06:00 am PDT