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Ryan D Automotive - Believable, attitude, confident, friendly, hype, real, Soft-sell, medium, excited, energy, natural, smile. From laid back to authoritative. NOT your standard over the top hard sell. "Regular guy" delivery to help your auto company stand out locally among the "screamers." Helps connect to your male AND female audience.
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... by a non professional, but given only to show and energy level. Another good audio reference point may be something on ... and paste the script and select a reference speed (slow, medium or fast) and the Copy Timer will tell you how ...
Joshua, Infomercials, hard sell, informative, professional, articulate, high energy, medium energy, clear, direct sell, convincing, believable, hype, real estate, financial, product, sales, realty
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... Hannah says that they have been using a certain high energy male voice the past few years for most of their ... spots for the automotive industry. "I do a lot of medium to hard sells,which are usually rich with rapidly changing graphics. ...
Kenny is one of Internetjocks Top Voices Concert spots, deep voice, smooth, hard sell, soft sell, medium sell, announcer, car dealer voiceovers, energetic, up beat, warm, high energy, movie trailer voice, authoritative, guy next door, real person, narration,
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Bill C, Concerts, medium energy, high energy, music, tour, festivals,
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