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Mic shock [Wmx6l308S3R2H3cx.jpg] All voice actors have experienced "Mic shock", you have read the script, and get prepared for the session to go in a certain direction, but the client changes things up. Voice coach Deb Munro from Deb's Voice did a ...
Mark H, Automobile Dealer, Energetic, Confident, Authoritative, Conversational, friendly, professional, aggressive, Calm, Charismatic, Classy, Authentic, Genuine, Real, casual, Believable, Relaxed, Sincere upscale
Category: Car Spots
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Warm, Authoritative, Natural, Sultry, Girl Next Door, Upbeat, Engaging, Energetic, Professional, Playful, Sardonic, Amusing, Sarcastic, Inspirational, Uplifting, Rich, Desirable, Sexy, Attractive, Conversational, Neighbor, Mom.
Category: Female Commercials
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eLearning, Business, Professional, Attractive, Trustworthy, Upbeat, Natural, Educational, Believable, Conversational, Industrial, Tutorial, Training, Confident, Technical, Corporate, Serious, Medical, Smart, Corporate Narration, Friendly, B2B, Testimonials, Tutorials, Explainer
Category: E Learning
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Voicemail Telephone On Hold, Friendly, Business, Attractive, Professional, Corporate, Light, Caring, Confident, Smooth, Serious, IVR, Message, Office Phone System, office, small business, auto attendant, business, message, telephone message on hold, greetings
Category: Voicemail On Hold Message
Availability: 09/17/2019 07:00 am PDT  
Narration, Serious, Heartfelt, Convincing, Natural, Caring, Smooth, Professional, Friendly, Conversational, Smart, Down To Earth, Professional, Charismatic, Girl-Next-Door, Corporate, Teacher, Sales Rep, Client, IT, Recruitment, Friendly, Warm.
Category: Female-Narrations, Audio Books
Availability: 09/17/2019 08:51 am PDT  
Buck, Friendly, Trustworthy, Warm, Persuasive, Intelligent, Luxury, Folksy, Credible, Authoritative, Fatherly, Energetic, Mature, Soothing
Category: Male Commercials
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Randy - Narration, fun, serious, spontaneous, genuine, & real. No marijuana related scripts please.
Category: Male-Narrations, Audio Books
Availability: 09/17/2019 08:49 am PDT  
Santa voice...the real one! Elf...with attitude! Reindeer voice even
Category: Holiday Specialty Voices
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Ron A, political-authoritative, folksy, serious, informative, patriotic, educational
Category: Political Voices
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