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... who is about to lose his business if he doesn’t sell these trucks today, or perhaps the arrogant shopper who thinks ...
Hard sell, super hard sell, conversational and luxury automotive VO delivery. InternetJock James drives car buyers to successful dealerships across North America. Want more dealership business? Make InternetJock James the voice of your auto dealership.
Category: Car Spots
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Randy - Narration, fun, serious, spontaneous, genuine, & real. No marijuana related scripts please.
Category: Male-Narrations, Audio Books
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Santa voice...the real one! Elf...with attitude! Reindeer voice even
Category: Holiday Specialty Voices
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Randy - Commercial Demo: Reads include friendly, confident, aggressive, loving, quirky, mature, authoritative, strong, tender, easy going, sensitive, name a few. No marijuana related scripts please.
Category: Male Commercials
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Ron A, political-authoritative, folksy, serious, informative, patriotic, educational
Category: Political Voices
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