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Steve, Mature, Male, Adult, Professional, Conversational, Friendly, sesquipedalian- friendly, Warm, Humorous, Narration, Character, Role Play
Category: Male-Narrations, Audio Books
Availability: Now
Millennial, announcer, hip, cool, chill, authoritative, automotive, believable, caring, compassionate, confident, conversational, corporate, dad, educator, everyday guy, friendly, guy next door, heartfelt, instructional, real person, sincere, storyteller, NO RELIGIOUS ads or organizations, NO POLITICAL ads or organizations
Category: Millennial's (15-60 second spots only)
Availability: 09/28/2020 07:30 am PDT  
English with moderate to proper Spanish pronunciation. Authoritative, Friendly, conversational, compassionate, Informative, mid to hard sell announcer
Category: Spanish Accent in English
Availability: 09/28/2020 07:00 am PDT