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... C. [itQ3N3PYzRlOPE8h.jpg] When did you know you wanted to do voice overs? I’ve been a working actor for most of my ... performed for years in film and on stage. Commercials and voice overs have been a large part of my career and ... when I became a Mom voice over provided the most flexible schedule for me so I ... be a working actor and be there for my kids. Voice over lets me have it all! Do you have a ... microphone? Gustav! And it must be said with a commanding voice in a thick European accent. He’s the boss and thinks ... that’s a general rule of life anyway, regardless of a voice career. It’s good for my figure and my skin and
Donald - Narration Demo: Conversational, Intelligent, Informative, Commanding, Authoritative, Soft, reflective.
Category: Male-Narrations, Audio Books
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National. Most Popular Voice. Intelligent, Sincere, Believable, Upbeat, Real, Powerful, Deep, Movie Trailer, Sports, Authoritative, National Voice, Clear, Conversational, Friendly, Mature, Natural, Trustworthy, Warm, Smooth
Category: Infomercials, Voices, Voice Overs
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commerical stand out? Well it starts with choosing the right voice actor, and ends with that talent nailing the spot. We ... of execs that put the commericals togther, and a couple voice actors that do A LOT of these campaigns, and here ... that they have been using a certain high energy male voice the past few years for most of their dealerships, but ... our Kia dealership, so we decided to use a woman’s voice to represent that specific store, and went with a female ... character voice to give the campaign its own personality. "Since our motto ... Dick Hannah Dealerships is “Believe in Nice” we want our voice talents to represent that, but we still will always choose ...
a service that runs like a well-managed system. If every voice has the same work ethic and offers the same no ... with one online service, we have pinpointed about a dozen voice talents with whom we work on a regular basis. They ... at our fingertips." It’s great to have options when selecting voice talent, and as Online VO Services become more competitive, it ...
... is a whole different ballgame than a regular read for voice actors. I asked some of our busiest character talent how ... more fun.” But what about being asked to do a voice for a character that has no obvious “angle”, or direction ... type of situation. “I was once asked to create the voice of a rock for a TV spot. That was all ... bring a character to life having easy access to professional voice talent online can be a great advantage. JulieRae MacLeod Marketing ...
Jerry, soft sell, sexy, warm, believable, conversational, rock, news imaging, contemporary, country, light rock, news radio, TV imaging, TV liners, Manly, Aggressive, High Energy, Upbeat, Authoritative, Sexy,
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