Become a Jock is always looking for new talent that work from their home studio, have 1-2 hour turn arounds during regular business hours, and are patient and professional. Please do not apply unless you can do fast turn arounds and work during the day.

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We choose talent very carefully, we reject applications that are not filled in correctly. Not everybody is chosen, we add talent based on our current customer demands. Please review our prices under "rates" we charge a 40% commission and pay once a month. If you are interested send an MP3 160K Stereo demo around one minute long and attach it to this form. NOTE: the website will not accept demos with embeded graphics. Please remove them before sending.  Overly compressed demos will be rejected. IMPORTANT: The content of demo file should be like those you hear in the Male Commercials or Female Commercials demo section on the website. You must have recording software that saves in many formats: Wav, MP3 and others. You MUST have high speed internet as well. Please name the file with your name so we can sort them out. In the message box we require you to tell us a little about yourself and send. Please do not apply unless you are experienced, can do 1-2 hour turn arounds and you take direction well. We also have a policy to not use talent who work for other voice over services for rates lower than ours. IMPORTANT: Please send a produced demo (like those in the Male or Female commercials demos on the website) with commercials only. No character voices, or narration demos. Those will come later if you are placed on the site.  We receive many demos so we ask that you be patient, no phone calls please. Your demo MUST be a variety of commercials only. We wish you well in your search for work.

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Dave (Customer Service) since 1998
Based near Portland, in Beaverton Oregon USA

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