Millennial's (15-60 second spots only)

Millennial Voice Actors For 15-60 Second Spots

Numerous factors are involved in successful advertising campaigns—but one of the largest and most important factors is relatability. This is where Internet Jock’s millennial voice over services come into play. Members of each generation find it easier to relate to other members of the same generation, as they often share the same interests, desires, and motivations. When you’re gearing your advertisements, commercials, and eLearning programs toward millennials, it makes sense to cast someone who captures that “millennial sound” to help garner trust within your target demographic.

Listen to our demo library of voice actors until you find the one you think will best speak to your audience. Many of the voice actors available through our millennial voice over services can record your script as soon as an hour after submission. Contact us today to learn more!