Frequently Asked Questions....

How Do I Set Up An Account?

Just fill out the New Client Form on our web page and send it in, all information is secure and confidential. You will receive an email with your user name and password within a couple of minutes. You may change your user name and password by clicking on the Edit My Account tab.

What Happens Next?

Once you login, you can go to demos and listen to various Internetjocks, or you can go to "search" and type in keywords and a menu of choices will pop up. After you pick an Internetjock, click the order now button below their name and an order form will come up. Please fill in the timing, deadline, and either attach a file with potential pronunciation issues, or call our pronounciation line at 1- 877-646-4163 X6. Please copy and paste your copy in the Copytimer to make sure the length will fit. A service charge of $15 may be added for orders that are sent back for these issues. You will receive an E-Mail confirmation the moment your voice over is ready to be downloaded. If you require special attention to your order, please call or E Mail us before you attempt to send an order.

What If I want Music added To My Voice Over?

Go to the Internetjock Production Music Page. Please click on the appropriate category, than review the tracks. Once you decide on a track, make note of the exact track number you want us to use on your voice over. Go to the Order form tab under the name of the Internetjock you choose, then fill out the form and check the box "Need Production." Fill in the Music Track Number and instructions for adding music and sound effects, then you may send the order. You will be notified by E Mail when the dry voice over is doneyou will then need to login and approve the dry voice over, if you do, then hit the "Approve" button. We will then send your voice over to a producer to add music based on your instructions. The cost for each production piece is $60.00. Once finished, you will be notified again by E Mail that your voice over is done with music added. .

Do You Do Phone Listen In Sessions?  

Yes, some Internetjocks do phone sessions, but some do not. Look at the jocks profile, and look for the green phone denoting that they are available to do these sessions. Listen in Sessions costs are $60.00 for up to 30 minutes of Listen In time per project. The Internetjock will be glad to read each project up to 3 times. If you exceed 3 takes per session you will be billed by the minute for each additional take.  Additional Listen In time is $60.00 Per 30 minutes, billed in 1/2 hour increments.

For Example?

A 30 second commercial voice over is the rate card cost, plus a "Listen In" cost. The same is true for narrations (over 60 seconds); rate card + Listen in Session cost. If you have more than one spot (commercials only) per session, the additional cost is 50% of the normal listen in rate ($30.00 for each additional spot)

Long Form Narration & E Learning: These projects require longer turn arounds. Our procedure is as follows: You will be sent a short demo that you need to approve or disapprove. Once you respond back we will finish the project and post the final voice over. These projects are subject to certain limitations for revisions. If copy is changed after completed you will be required to pay for any changes. Final cost is based on total length and billed accordingly.Please call us if you have any questions. 877 646-4163 X1

What About Editing?

Under normal circumstances we deliver the entire session unedited for you to edit as you see fit. If you require additional (separate) files, or want your files cleaned up and edited we charge an additional $60 per hour. There is a One Hour Minimum.

Please Remember...

If there are changes after the session is over, additional charges will apply.

Again, to prevent misunderstandings, if you have any questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How Do I Download My Voice Over?

Once you receive an E-Mail confirmation that it is ready you will log back into your account and go to "View Orders." Look for the order number and click. Voice overs can be downloaded in mutliple formats.

What If My Voice Over Is Not Right?
Just look for the link on the order form "Have An Issue With This Order", and then explain in detail the issue and hit send. We are always glad to read it over again with better direction at no charge, providing you do not change the copy, or the directions. Copy Changes or mistakes made by the client are considered a new commercial and will be charged accordingly.

How Do I Make A Payment?
Internetjock takes VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Pay Pal. Just look for the credit card order logos on the bottom of our web page.


By signing up clients automatically agree to accept E-Mail blasts concerning changes we make, or other important matters. Don't worry we rarely do this, and we do not sell or share our client list with anyone.

Contact Us Weekdays Monday-Friday, Closed weekends and US Holidays

Telephone: (877) 646-4163  5:30am PT/ 8:30am ET to 5:00pm PT/ 8:00pm ET