4 Vocal Care Tips for Voice Over Actors

4 Vocal Care Tips for Voice Over Actors

As a voice over actor, your voice is your instrument. To take care of your craft and your career, you first have to take care of your voice. When you post your voice over services online, it’s important to stay healthy and keep your skills in shape so you’re ready to go anytime a client reaches out to you. Here are four vocal care tips for voice over actors.


Warming up is an essential step to any audition or recording session. Humming, trilling, and other vocal exercises help reduce tension in your throat and jaw, keeping your vocal cords relaxed and ready to go. It’s also important to practice correct breathing technique regularly. When you breathe or speak from the throat, it places extra strain that will eventually damage or weaken your voice.

Stay Hydrated

This one might be a given, but it’s also an easy and crucial vocal care tip for voice over actors. When you hydrate, your vocal cords receive proper lubrication. Drink water regularly, but especially leading up to an audition or recording session. It’s also a good idea to invest in a humidifier for your home—especially during cold or dry weather.

Vocal Rest

When it comes to voice acting, vocal rest is one of the best prescriptions you can get. Avoid overusing your voice, especially when you feel tired or sick. Speaking loudly can also hurt your vocal cords, so try not to strain yourself to talk in a noisy or crowded area. Don’t be afraid to take vocal breaks and stick to whispering or not talking at all.

Risks to Avoid

Part of keeping your voice healthy is to avoid things that are unhealthy. Some of the factors to avoid when taking care of your voice include:

  • Smoking – Even secondhand smoke can irritate your vocal cords.
  • Drinking alcohol – Alcohol dehydrates you and dries out your throat.
  • Caffeine – Caffeine is another ingredient that dries out the larynx.
  • Cold or dry air – Dry air is rough on your throat, so bundle up with a scarf if you have to.