Elearning market growing at a fast pace

We voice a lot of Elearning projects here at Internetjock, and actually have a whole page on our site dedicated to that category of voiceover. The world of eLearning is growing at a phenomenal pace, and we are thrilled to be a part of it.

Veronica Davis from the Epoch Times recently spoke about why Elearning is becoming such a huge market, and why it works so well for so many businesses.

"E-learning is fast becoming more viable, accessible from platforms that can be affordable to small businesses. An initial investment in e-learning tapers off over time. For example, a three-year employee training program will typically recoup itself after the first year.

"Whatever the size of your company, e-learning is more cost-effective, easier, and more efficient than classroom-based learning or lecture-based learning. People and technology are working together seamlessly every day – just look at how smartphones and tablets have been embraced for communications, learning, and researching. E-learning is a lot more easily accepted by employees now than it was ten years ago.

"Managers, employees, and business owners all benefit from easy e-learning opportunities. Training has never been easier to accomplish. Companies can expect performance benefits from easier, less onerous learning, and employees will be grateful for no time spent in the classroom.

"E-learning is wonderful, and it has numerous benefits. That’s been settled. It still doesn’t mean that an organization needs to utilize it. Important questions have to be asked before a business owner or manager implements an e-learning program.

"Why does e-learning make sense? Is the goal to improve employee performance? Is the goal to automate and streamline basic training in a big company? Is it really worth designing and implementing an e-learning program for a small business with low turnover? The good news is that e-learning is becoming more adaptable, accessible, and affordable for small businesses. Still, questions need to be asked on an individual business-by-business and case-by-case basis. Let’s look deeper into that right now.

"Both small and big businesses alike have to answer key questions before they purchase e-learning technologies. What benefit are employees going to get from it? Are there free resources available on the Internet? Would it make more sense to purchase (or use free) training only when necessary? Rather than a big initial investment in e-learning, would it make more sense to purchase it piecemeal as needed later on? Most small businesses only need training in small bits and pieces to deal with immediate needs when problems arise.

"E-learning is definitely preferable to classroom training, on the basis of cost alone. Many companies are reporting 50-75% reduction in training costs compared to classroom learning.

"To recap, some of the benefits of e-learning include improved training costs, decreased materials costs, increased productivity, and standardization. An initial investment in e-learning, especially for a large organization, will reduce overall costs, streamline basic and advanced training, and make everything easier on your employees.

"E-learning is a lot better than classroom training for one more reason. Hopefully, the e-learning training system will let your employees continually return to the training materials online whenever they need a refresher. It’s impossible to do that with a classroom-based course. Giving your employees ongoing access to content and resources is better for your employees who can’t retain everything the first time around."

Veronica did a great job of highlighting the benefits of incorporating elearning into the training protocol of businesses. Once you commit to that model, a great way to make your project stand out is to have it narrated by a professional voice actor, and Internetjock can do that for you fast, and affordably.

JulieRae MacLeod Marketing and Sales @ Internetjock