hiding behind the mask

Hiding Behind the Mask

Since Halloween is right around the corner, it's the time of year when we are tempted to pretend to be someone else. Here is a great piece from  voice coach Deb Munro, who argues that is not always the best idea when doing voice overs.

"My favorite time of year is upon us yet again.  For those of you new to my world, I love Halloween the most because I find most people more ‘themselves’.  If you go out for the evening, or on the streets with the kids, pay attention to how much more approachable people are.   I truly find people come out of their shell because they are behind a mask for protection.  Just like when people have a little drinky poo to allow them to feel more comfortable at a venue or to get up and dance. 

"We all tend to live behind a mask (well most of us do).  We don’t want people to truly see us for who we are.  Frightening really.  People love the Simon Cowells of the world because they are truly themselves and don’t give two craps about what anyone thinks.  There are many of us who don’t like him or that style of forwardness of course, but I believe that is because they are stuck behind a mask, and because he lacks tack.  

"I am a very honest person, and don’t have much of a mask.  I’ve been asked much of my life to go behind a mask and try and be someone I’m not for someone else, but that didn’t work well for me.  I’m not perfect.  I make mistakes, I’m too honest in fact to some degree, but I believe I possess tact…which helps considerably.  I truly believe if every person would be who they really are with honesty, that they would find much more happiness.  Not everyone has to like who we really are….which is significant, but they need to allow us permission to be who we want to be and they can make their own decisions themselves if they want to be absorbed by that type of personality. 

"This is very profound in the voice world.  Many like Voice opposed to on-camera acting because they get to hide behind the microphone.  I get it, however it restricts you when you don’t want people to see the real you.  WE ARE SELLING PERSONALITIES……I can’t express this enough.  If we don’t allow the real self to shine through we can’t stand out as unique individuals.  Are you the kind of person who loves to sing – but only if no one is listening?  You’d love to dominate the karaoke machine – but you fear judgment?  Are you the kind of person who wants to talk back to the screen or mimic what you hear or breakout in character?  If you keep hiding behind the mask of what you think others want you to be, then you are robbing the world of what could be an incredible individual.  You are falsifying who you are to the rest of the world and setting them up for a fall.  You will never be able to attract like minds.

"I want you to take off your mask.  I want you to throw away your concerns of what others think and of normality – because although people think there is, there is no rule book or “Right Way To Be”.  Who is anyone to tell anyone else what is normal?  This is an industry of risk, and it’s about time you took it.  You have most of the answers, so it’s time you trusted in your intuition of what you think is best for you, because it’s usually never wrong.  I want you to take risks this month to be who you really want to be.  Stand up to those that you need to say no to, don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of or for granted.  Sing karaoke without the need for a drink to loosen you up, or to break out in character when you want to.  Don’t worry about embarrassing others by your behavior because it’s only reflected on you – it’s not about them.  I challenge you to truly be you, and see if you’re around the right people who truly accept you for you.  That is how you succeed in support…in relationships and life…to be around those who accept you…..you deserve it – so take off the mask and love who you are!

What do you thnkl, is it wise to let some of your true self shine through your VO work?

JulieRae MacLeod Marketing and Sales Internetjock

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