How Should Voice Overs Be Used in Ads

How Should Voice Overs Be Used in Ads

Many companies use voice overs in their advertisements to create a stronger message. While this is certainly valuable, it takes more than mixing some audio to make an effective voice over ad. There are several things to keep in mind when creating your advertisements. To help you create a meaningful, relevant message for your audience, here’s our guide for how voice overs should be used in ads.

Convey Clear Information

Businesses hire voice over actors to convey information to their audience. While a good voice over performance also helps capture attention or entertain your audience, conveying information is the most important part. You want a voice over actor who can clearly and concisely tell your audience everything they need to know about you and your product. Having a human voice behind your advertisement also helps make your information sound more credible. People are more inclined to pay attention and remember your product after listening to a professional explain it.

Enhance Other Elements

Of course, voice over work alone isn’t enough to effectively convey your message. You should use your voice over performance alongside other elements of the advertisement such as visuals, music, and sound effects. When a voice over actor explains or describes a visual element, the two senses work together to leave a larger impact on your audience. A quality voice over performance works to enhance the rest of the advertisement, creating a more effective overall message.

Create a Lasting Impression

Customers enjoy familiarity. If you can create a recognizable brand, your audience will remember and return to you when they need your product or service. A quality voice over performance does wonders for your brand’s familiarity, especially if it's used across multiple advertisements. This gives your overall business a recognizable voice for audiences to remember and relate to.

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