How to successfully order voice overs online part one

How to successfully order voice overs online part one

Using any kind of service online can be a bit intimidating at first, and that can definitely be the case when ordering VO's online.

We asked InternetJock Customer Service Manager Extratordinare Derek Dearment what his best advice would be to get just what you want, before or at the deadline you requested.

"Well first, you must decide what style and delivery are you looking for, and how to best communicate that.

"Ordering a voice over online, and getting what you need can be tricky. Here are a few ways to make the process go smoothly, and help you get what you need!  It all starts with the final decision maker best illustrating what they want the voice over to sound like. The best way to do that is to give an audio reference that the end client has approved, and the talent can HEAR. At we like to say “Hearing is believing”.  Written instructions that request “excited”  or “friendly” leave the question: HOW excited or friendly? Clarifying may best be done by providing an audio sample or reference. The reference may be a link to a voice over that’s close to what you like. Or, it may be a recording of a previous voice over, or even a new recording done by a non professional, but given only to show and energy level. Another good audio reference point may be something on the talent’s demo. Then, simply saying “we want it to sound like the coffee commercial on your demo” may work. That said, be sure that the length of the script you’re providing allows for a performance or delivery similar to the noted reference.

"Another common issue that pops up is script length. A script that is too long or short for the type of read and timing desired is a very common problem when ordering a voice over on line. This is not so much the case at because our clients have reference to a very innovative tool  called Copy Timer; also found at  Copy Timer is a tool where you can copy and paste the script and select a reference speed (slow, medium or fast) and the Copy Timer will tell you how long a read of the script will be at that pace. If you don’t have Copy Timer, reading the script aloud, loudly and clearly (not quietly) and timing your read will give a good general time reference.  Remember, the more emphasis on words or open space the read requires, the more time the read will need. A good rule of thumb is that it’s better to have a script that is a second short than one that is a second long. Also, if possible, give the talent an acceptable length range say for example “27 - 29” seconds. That may help them give you what they feel is the best read, and not be completely bound by an exact length requirement.

"In future posts we will focus on more pointers to help successfully order voiceovers online."

Thanks Derek, we look forward to hearing more of your thoughts on this topic. Any else out there care to share their "war stories"(!) about ordering voiceovers online?

JulieRae MacLeod Marketing and Sales @ Internetjock