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Why choose an Online Voiceover Service?

Why use an online voiceover service?

There are numerous way to source voiceovers, and one solution that has been growing by leaps and bounds the past few years is the Online Voiceover Service.

The traditional audition process can become a bit tedious, and along with bidding for projects requires a lot of back and forth communication. One advantage to using an online service is that most of them list their prices up front, and have demos posted to listen to at your leisure.

Since we all seem to be seeking instant gratification more than ever with the speed and accessibility the internet offers us, we tend to expect to get things as fast as possible, quality still intact. Whether it’s the shoes you order for next day delivery from Amazon prime, or the voiceover for your new eLearning course, we expect online voiceover services are in high demand, and the ones that consistently do a good job really stand out and create loyal customers.

We asked a couple of ad agency executives why they get most of their VO’s online, and this is what they had to say.

Dan Harper from Dan Harper Productions works in Beirut, but sources all his American English talent online.

“I like it because I don't have to worry about the recording not being delivered on time. I can offer my clients consistent results if I use a service that runs like a well-managed system. If every voice has the same work ethic and offers the same no nonsense delivery, you know the delivery will be consistent."

Adam Matza from Ed Etheridge Productions feels the same way.

"Working with our clients, we determine what type of v/o best suits their spot and best hits their target audience. After many years of working with one online service, we have pinpointed about a dozen voice talents with whom we work on a regular basis. They are talented, reliable and, most importantly, effective for our clients. It does not seem like all agencies know this, but some of the best talent in the business can be found, and accessed online.

"When we find that we need a fresh voice, it’s easy to listen and sample v/o talent. Some sites, like Internetjock, provide a roster that is deep, varied and talented, so it is extremely rare that we cannot find the perfect person for the job. Finally, when we don't have the time to listen to each of them demos and want help choosing the right voice, the sites with good customer service representatives are able to quickly understand what we need and direct us to just the right vocal talent.

"Overall the advantage of using an online service is convenience. Ours is past-paced business. We need things 10 minutes ago. Online voiceovers services provides us with fast and reliable v/o, literally at our fingertips."

It’s great to have options when selecting voice talent, and as Online VO Services become more competitive, it raise the bar for all of us.

JulieRae MacLeod Marketing and Sales @ InternetJock