Why some Cable companies choose online Voiceover Service?

Why some Cable companies choose online Voiceover Service?

The folks working in the Creative Departments at Cable companies work at a steady and usually pretty darn fast pace making commercials for their clients. This can be extremely challenging, since they are constantly trying to "beat the deadline", while still keeping quality top of mind.

We decided to ask some production executives at some of the larger providers why they like using online VO services when producing spots.

First we spoke to Andrew Soucek from Midcontinent.

 “I’ve been using online voiceover services for a little over two years now at Midcontinent. It’s tough to find someone with a “good voice” for commercial work, and it’s even harder to get someone to give you a great take! Most people just don’t understand the medium of commercial work, so the tone and delivery just doesn’t feel right.

When customers want to do voiceovers on their own spots, it’s pretty hit or miss…and usually ends up on the side of a miss. Working with professionals online makes the process easier. You don’t have to schedule someone to come in, reserve the audio booth, and hope they actually show up on time! Going online, you already know what the actor sounds like, so there’s no unpleasant surprises.  

Knowing you can have clear, professional audio within in an hour (in most cases), or by the next day at the latest, helps to move projects along quickly so our editors can tackle the project sooner, which makes the clients happier. Also, you start to discover more voiceover actors, and begin to grow some favorites that you like to use. That helps to move things along even quicker, and let you picture what the final project is going to look and sound like.”

I also spoke to Stephen Carter from TWC Kernel.

“The reasons I like using an online VO service are that they are easy to use, have a fast turn-around, good selection of quality, professional talent, cost effective, revisions or changes are not a problem, it is really that simple”.

Eileen Akin from Charter Media got specific about why she most often chooses Internetjock for her projects.

"Here are reasons I LOVE this service!

  1. Awesome, amazing talent – wide variety of female and male voices
  2. Fast, accurate VO service
  3. Friendly, helpful customer service
  4. User friendly, intuitive website makes it super easy to order and I especially like being able to see my order history – it’s a great resource to me when I’m looking for a certain jock that did a particular spot or even just looking for the copy I wrote."

When you are under the gun with budgets and deadlines like most creative teams at Cable companies seeem to be, online VO services can often be the way to go.

JulieRae MacLeod Marketing and Sales @ Internetjock