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Debbie, M, character voices, cartoon, kid, sexy, fun. kids, teens, adults, creatures, seniors, witches, villians, silly, insane, sfx, strong acting, real, over the top, animals
Category: Character Voices
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Elle, Female, Commercials, Approachable, Actor, Believable, Hip, Friendly, Cool, Conversational, Easy Going, Girl Next Door, Alluring, Dynamic, Cute Soft Soft Spoken, Motherly , Engaging, Articulate, Playful, Sultry, Smooth, Confident, Classy, Laid Back, Youthful, Mature, Personality
Category: Female Commercials
Availability: 01/28/2020 09:00 am PST  
A Day in the Life working from the home studio [c8QLnocbn13bQnxG.jpg] Ever wonder what it's like to work as a professional voice actor from a home studio? We asked Internetjock Paul to give us peek into an average day in his world, ...
Rich, Radio TV Imaging, smooth, friendly, rich friendly cool smooth guys-guy all-american non-announcer hard sell soft sell rich hudson natural engaging enthusiastic conversational exciting deep honest warm fun sophisticated concert auto fast-food story-teller confident corporate authoritative happy serious sports gritty documentary aggressive classy familiar sincere polished real upbeat relatable versatile announcer radio tv imaging narration

Category: Radio-TV Imaging ($175.00) 10 Liners
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Elle, narration, friendly, clear, warm, confident, believable, smooth, inviting, caring, attractive, unique
Category: Female-Narrations, Audio Books
Availability: 01/28/2020 09:00 am PST  
... and asked them how they got started. Nicole’s resume includes: animation videos, commercials for cars, mattresses, restaurants, play houses, politicians, and ...
Enda - Auto Demo:Enda, clear, fresh, energetic, special offers, hard hitting, hardsell, hard hitting, car, auto, deep voice, energy, monster truck, big voice, movie trailer, imaging, exciting, intense, cutting, dealer spots, club, night club, concert, event, infomercial, UK Voice, UK VO, Corporate, Friendly, Warm, Irishvoice,
Category: Car Spots
Availability: 02/01/2020 04:00 pm PST  
Bobbi, African American, Strong, Amusing, Fun, Sassy, Warm, Friendly, Characters, Announcer, Attitude Authoritative, Conversational, Mid-range, Mezzo, Rich, Humorous, Mother, Happy, Narrator, New York, Youthful, Retail, Urban, Natural, Believable
Rich, Humorous, Mother, Happy, Narrator, New York, Youthful, Retail, Urban, Natural, Believable
Category: Female Commercials
Availability: 01/28/2020 08:00 am PST  
Robin, Characters, Versatile, telephone operator, snooty boss, tough cowboy, junior exec, NY tough guy, goofy clown, old hag, sweet cherub, old prospector, bratty kid, nerd.
Category: Character Voices
Availability: 01/29/2020 09:00 am PST