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Jonna - Commercial - Alluring, Articulate Announcement, Believable, Bright, Bubbly, Calm, Caring, Charming, Cheerful, Clear, Classy, Committed, Confident, Conservative, Conversational, Corporate, Decisive, Dramatic, Emoting, Energetic, Excited, Fresh, Friendly, Fun, Goofy, Happy, Heart-Felt, Honest, Hard Sell, Humorous, Informative, Inspiring, Inviting, Knowledgeable , Luxury, Mature, Medical, Medium Sell, Mom, Natural, Nurturing, Professional, Positive, Real, Refined, Relaxed, Sophisticated, Smooth, Sexy, Silly, Sincere, Soft Sell, Somber, Teacher, Uplifting, Upscale, Up-Tempo, Warm, Welcoming.
Category: Female Commercials
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Charlie, Male Commercials, Confident, Natural, Honest, Powerful, Movie-Trailer, Engaging, Warm, Funny, Friendly, Intelligent, Energetic, Authoritative, Believable, Charisma, Credible, Money, Quirky, Humorous, Cheerful.
Category: Male Commercials
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Inessa, Friendly, playful, COVID, soothing, elegant, warm, inviting, urban, chic, sensitive. cheerful, intelligent, sophisticated, calming, seductive, upbeat, believable, confident, natural, organic, convincing.
Category: Female Commercials
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... Girl next door / everywoman reads * Upbeat, bubbly, or cheerful reads that impart your target audience with a sense of ...
Teresa, Professional, Warm, Friendly, Sincere, Sexy, Pleasant, Positive, Smooth, Upbeat, Corporate, Soft and Hard Sell, Confident, Mother, Girl next door, Conversational, Cheerful, Bright, Sincere.
Category: Female Commercials
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Melody, car, auto, sultry, upbeat, high energy, sexy, sophisticated, soothing, happy, cheerful, smart
Category: Auto-Car Spots
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