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Jonna, British, Articulated, Alluring, Clear, Elegant, Fresh, High-brow,Intelligent, Quick, Sexy
Category: British Accents
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... categorized by genre. Looking for an easy-listening, classical, or pop rock track to utilize in your program? We’ve got something that ...
Jonna, On Hold Messages, Telephone, Business,Friendly, Informative,Inviting, Pleasant, Smile,Sophisticated,
Category: Voicemail On Hold Message
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Jonna - Auto Demo: Hard Sell, Soft Sell, Clear, Friendly, Smile, Convincing, Smooth, Professional. Up Beat, Sexy, Up Scale.
Category: Auto-Car Spots
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... and easy to search. Whether it’s pop or jazz, country rock or classical, has the production music you’re looking for. ...
... two most common jobs being: 1. Radio Broadcasting 2. SCREAMING Rock Vocals For rock vocals especially, it’s the industry standard. In ... SM7, was likely used at some point by virtually every rock star since it’s release back in 1976. The most famous ... some question marks. After all, it’s known neither as a classic nor as a vocal mic. However…If there is one type ...
Jonna, Political, Clear,Debate,Educate, Facts, Informative, Serious,
Category: Political Voices
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Christi, eLearning, professional, articulate, knowledgable, natural, pleasant, friendly, instructor, informative, helpful
Category: E Learning
Availability: 09/22/2021 06:30 am PDT