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... the obvious choice for a first mic in ANY studio.Now, dynamic mics such as the sm58 are great for certain styles ... more popular. Now that we’ve covered my #1 picks for dynamic mics and condenser mics, lets look at 2 alternatives for ... each. First up, the dynamic mics… 3. The Shure SM7B Shure SM7B - vocal recording ... microphone In the World of dynamic microphones…The Shure SM7B is one of the few options SPECIFICALLY ... example being Michael Jackson’s legendary Thriller album.Next up, here’s another dynamic mic that’s perhaps even more famous…. 4. The Sennheiser MD421 ... The Sennheiser MD421 is widely regarded as the “Best All-Around Dynamic Mic” on the planet. It’s great on vocals, YES. But ...
Bobby - Narration Demo: Strong, Clear, Precise, Dynamic, Fun, Educational, Happy, Cool, Young, Crisp, Genuine, Smooth, Warm, Conversational, Serious, Rock, Natural, Hip, Cool, Love, Bass, Deep, Emotion, Conversational,
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Mark N, Conversational, believable, guy next door, confident, professional, young adult, cool, dynamic, friendly, animated, app, video, internet, audiobook, fiction, happy, honest, Narration, Explainer,
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... condenser microphone, but if there’s constant noise, go with a dynamic microphone. Dynamic is the most common type used because it ...
Approachable, Actor, Believable, Hip, Friendly, Cool, Conversational, Easy Going, Girl Next Door, Alluring, Dynamic, Cute Soft Soft Spoken, Motherly , Engaging, Articulate, Playful, Sultry, Smooth, Confident, Classy, Laid Back, Youthful, Mature, Personality
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Jeff, Dynamic, Versatile, Commanding, Captivating, Smooth, Memorable, Hard/Soft Sell, Energetic, friendly, mature,
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Mark N. - Imaging Demo:, radio, television, imaging, guy next door, witty, young, young adult, hip, cool, alternative, rock, country, confident, country rock, AAA, billboards, promos, coming up next, AC, active rock, classic rock, CHR, powerful, upbeat, Gen X, Gen Y, Millennial, powerful, in your face, conversational, top 40, millennial,
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