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Eddie, eLearning, Explainer, Smooth, Articulate, Mature, Youthful, Informative, Easy to Listen, Educational, Curriculum, Remote, Communicate, Comprehensive, Engaging, Natural, Conversational, Connective, Safe, Fun
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... eloquent, and able to entertain audiences with just their voice. Educational Works With modern technology, businesses and schools are turning to ... videos use animation rather than live actors. Other types of educational voice overs are how-to and self-help videos, website tours, and ... target everyday consumers, new employees, and students of all ages. Educational voice over actors should sound enthusiastic while also giving clear ...
Jonna H, eLearning, Articulate, Clear,Corporate, Educational, Informative, Instructional, Smile, Teacher,
Category: E Learning
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Jonna, Narrations, Authoritative, Bright, Educational,Friendly, Important, Informative, Instructional, Sophisticated
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Dean, eLearning, believable, friendly, informative, real, educational, personal
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Moe, eLearning, Training, business presentations, sales, web sites, online videos, corporate, educational, infomercial, product demo, documentary, natural, conversational, non-announcer, corporate, conversational, friendly, smooth, authoritative, natural, reassuring, professional, informative, conversational
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Informative, professional, educational, story teller, authoritative, interesting, smooth, friendly
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